We are excitedly planning events for this year and would love your help.  MAPV is an all-volunteer group serving camera clubs in the Mid-Atlantic region and we are grateful for our volunteers who make it all happen.  Please take a look at the volunteer openings below and let us know if you can give us a little of your time and talent for our 20th year.  

Vice President 

  1. Work with the President to create new positions or eliminate existing positions as necessary to best fulfill the needs of MAPV.
  2. Meet with the MAPV Board and serve on any Executive Committee created by MAPV in the administration of MAPV business. Coordinate with other Board Members and Managers to determine technical, administrative, and vendor support for the MAPV Expo and other operations.
  3. Coordinate and draft updates to the Operating Handbook.  Soon after the Expo, update the Board Members Handbook with input from various Managers and Board members. Provide PDF of updated Handbook for posting on the board members section of MAPV website, and send board members its link.
  4. Prepare him or herself to undertake the tasks of the President when appointed to that position within a 2-year period.
  5. Assist as requested by the Treasurer to review budget and funding requests related to MAPV activities and operations.

Time Commitment: 8 hours per month

Hands-on Workshop & Field Trip Committee Member

  1. Point of contact for the hands-on workshops and field trips.
  2. Provide recommendations designed to attract attendees for MAPV workshops and field trips.
  3. Communicate and present event details to board members as well as announce the scheduled event.
  4. Coordinate and oversee event logistics (reservations, space, vendor, etc.).
  5. Manage and oversee all events and activities on event days.

Estimated Time Commitment: 5 hours per month

Recruiting Manager  

  1. Reach out to camera clubs in the Mid-Atlantic region to recruit for MAPV membership either via email or cold calling.
  2. Recruit for MAPV volunteers utilizing the Club Rep’s recommendations and or reach out individually.
  3. Assist the President/Vice President with establishing work and advisory committees to support the needs of the MAPV operations.
  4. Provide recommendations and perform duties to further enhance and grow MAPV organization.

Estimated Time Commitment:  8 hours per month


If interested, please email us at volunteer@midatlanticphotovisions.org.

Brenda Gollaher
MAPV President