Simon d’Entremont

Ever since Simon was a youngster he has been interested in wildlife and nature, and curious about the world in which we live.  His personal interest in the natural world, wildlife, astronomy, and science always kept him looking around at the wonders of the universe and our natural environment.  From our enormous Milky Way galaxy to the smallest bird, Simon has marveled at its natural beauty.

With the advent of the digital camera came a way to capture this beauty, and the adventure of capturing it became a way to explore Simon’s beautiful home province of Nova Scotia.  Whether by staying up late to watch the constellations rise one by one over the horizon while he captures the Milky Way, hiking kilometers to see a waterfall, or by getting up before the break of dawn to watch birds feeding their young…mysteries abound all around us, and capturing their beauty for his own enjoyment and for others to enjoy is a pleasure for him.

What started as a hobby is now a professional career, one that Simon enjoys every day.  He recently started shooting more video, and as such started a YouTube Channel to host his videos.  He hopes you’ll go there and have a look.

Sharpening Your Wildlife Photography Skills

November 5, 2023 – 2:30 – 4:00 p.m. EST

Attend this session to learn about Simon’s top tips about wildlife photography, including gear, settings, field techniques and strategies for pretty pictures, even post processing.  There will also be plenty of photos that demonstrate these techniques.

In this session, Simon will go over how to take your wildlife photography to the next level.  What cameras and lenses are best for wildlife?  What settings do you need to capture fast action, and how to nail that focus every time?  He will also give you some hints on getting the right angle and the right backgrounds, as well as the importance of shooting at eye level.  He will demonstrate the importance of light such as backlighting and how to make dramatic photos from it.  Simon will share some field techniques, such as “did you know that large birds, like airplanes, need to take off and land into the wind?”  Finally, he will provide post-processing tricks by using before and after examples to ensure that each image reaches its full potential.

Simon’s Website: Simon d’Entremont Nature Photography

Selected Photos by Simon d’Entremont