Sharon Tenenbaum

Friday, November 4, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. (EDT)  “Architectural Photography as Fine Art”

Session Description: Sharon will present the artistic side of architectural photography. Some guidelines to work with, other works that inspire her, and what makes a great fine art architectural image

Sharon Tenenbaum

Biography: Sharon Tenenbaum defines herself as an artist working within the medium of photography. The artistic process is paramount in every creation she completes. She always aspires to ‘show reality in a different way’, creating images rather than capturing them. Sharon is constantly challenging herself: whether experimenting with bicycle parts to create composite cityscapes or painting selective overlays onto her images. She is committed to the artistic process of growth and change in the continuous pursuit of novelty.

Sharon was educated as a Civil Engineer. Her love for structures is reflected in a vast body of works that celebrate more than mere architecture, but rather, the Art in Architecture.

As an artist, Sharon has won numerous international photography awards and has been published in esteemed magazines such as National Geographic. As an educator, Sharon has taught group workshops from New York to Melbourne, as well as online. She has a variety of video tutorials and ebooks and is the founder of Talk-&-Learn, a free one-hour weekly zoom session for image critique and creation.

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Images by Sharon Tenenbaum