Portfolio Reviews are a great opportunity to meet with selected speakers for a 20 minute, one-on-one review of your images. Bring your best work or images that you feel need guidance to reach their full potential.

Our experienced photographic professionals will happily make suggestions to help you reach your vision. Your images can be any subject and you may choose your review time and reviewer. We’ll have list of times and reviewers available for you on this page when the event date approaches.

Digital Presentations

If you wish to show a digital presentation of your work, please bring your own laptop or tablet and have your images available on your device as we cannot guarantee Internet access.

Print Presentations

If you wish to show prints of your work, please try to limit the size of your prints to 16×20 or less. Prints will be viewed under regular room lighting.


Here is what some previous expo attendees say about their portfolio review experience:

I chose Eileen based on her background. I’ve watched many of her videos online and respect her knowledge of art history as well as her practical application of art in her work – and the fact she teaches this stuff at the collegiate level is a bonus. She absolutely met my expectations in her critique of my work and even demonstrated a couple of her points using relevant bits of her work. She provided a very positive experience and offered very specific feedback on my work.”

This was time and money well spent! Corey was excellent at giving feedback and tips on how to improve my images. I got a great deal out of it!”

Excellent feedback – very helpful in critiquing images with constructive suggestions for improvement.”

She was a good listener and gave me constructive and honest feedback. It was a great session!”

How to Prepare:

  1. Provide 10-12 images.
  2. Choose the order of images to be reviewed keeping in mind there may not be time to view them all.
  3. You may want to bring notes on how it was digitally processed (levels, curves, contrast, hue/saturation, color or white balance adjustments, sharpening, etc.).
  4. Don’t repeat an image or a similar one unless there is an artistic reason.

Important Notes:

  1. Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled review time to check in. Please remain in the check in area so you can be escorted to the review room at the scheduled time. There will be no refunds for failure to appear or time extensions for late arrivals.
  2. All reviews last 20 minutes with a 5-minute grace period for the reviewer to make notes, and for you to collect your materials. We will announce when the 20 minutes are up.
  3. Reviews may not last longer than the 20-minute time slot. Please remember that other people will be waiting to meet with the reviewer after you and we must stay on schedule. If you find that 20 minutes is not enough time with a reviewer, you will need to stop the review at the allotted time and then sign up for an additional time slot (if there is one available).
  4. When selecting a reviewer, you should review their biography and work to see if they will be a good match for your subject matter.
  5. If you will be showing your images in digital format, at least 5 minutes prior to your review time, you should have your computer on and booted up with your digital images loaded and on screen ready for review.
  6. There may not be Internet access in the portfolio review room. Do not rely on accessing images you have posted on the web.
  7. If you schedule back-to-back sessions with the same reviewer, please be aware that the reviewer takes a 10-minute break between sessions. You are welcome to wait in the room during their break.

A list of speakers and time slots will be posted when available. Thanks for your interest!