Joshua Cripps: “Stop Being a 1-Dimensional Photographer!”
Saturday, November 5th, 2022, 5:00 – 6:30 p.m. (EDT)

Session Description: In many ways, modern landscape photography has become all about the Trophy Shot. An endless contest to see who can visit the most epic locations under the most epic conditions to shoot the most epic photos. While this can be fun, it has its problems, such as reducing a place’s value solely to how beautiful it is. Not to mention putting too much pressure on whether or not you come home with a specific photo, instead of the process of exploring and creating freely. In this presentation, I will speak about how to move away from 1-dimensional trophy shooting and onto a more satisfying, multi-layered approach that allows you to build meaning and a deep personal connection with your subject. You will learn the incredible value of taking on personal photo projects and the 6 types of photos you need to fully illustrate any meaningful story you wish to tell.

About Joshua Cripps: Joshua Cripps is a wilderness nature photographer living in a small town sandwiched between the stunningly high peaks of Kings Canyon / Sequoia National Park and the vast open spaces of Death Valley National Park.  He used to travel the world non-stop in search of trophy shots until he discovered how much more meaningful it is to dive deeply into just a few special places.  Now Josh spends as much time as possible adventuring through the backcountry of the stunning wilderness areas near his home.