There is no minimum print size. Maximum outer dimensions are 16″ x 20″ (including matting). Exception: Panoramas may be up to 24 inches on the longest side. Other than pixel dimensions and sharpening, printed images shall be identical to the digital images submitted for judging.

Photos must be two-dimensional. Three dimensional photo collages are not permitted.


A discreet label affixed to the back of each image is to include the photographer’s name, club affiliation, category in which photograph is entered, and image title. Additional information may be provided (photo description, photo location, photographer bio, price if for sale, etc.) The label’s text will serve to indicate the correct orientation of the photo.


At the photographer’s discretion a signature may be added to the bottom edge of the mat.


Titles are NOT allowed on the cover window mat or the print (refer to Labels for use of titles).


Framed photos are not allowed.

All mats and backing material must be white. They must also have white cores.

Cover window mats are required. Single matting is preferred. Double matting is permitted. If an image is double matted, both mats must be the same white color and the same texture. Triple matting is NOT permitted. Floating photos (where a white or colored border appears between the print and the cover mat) are allowed.


The cover window mat must be securely affixed on all four sides to a firm backing of at least 1/8 inch foam core or similar material. Failure to comply may result in the disqualification of the image for consideration. Mat board is unacceptable backing.


A minimum 1.5 inch border (along all sides of the image) is required for photographs up to 8×10 inches. A minimum 2 inch border (along all sides of the image) is required for photographs larger than 8×10 inches. The border need not be the same on all sides.