Great Photography In Our National Parks

Are you planning to travel to some of our national parks?  If photography is your main goal or if it is for a family experience of awe, wonder, and beauty then these fundamentals will enhance your visit for spectacular photography.  Planning is very helpful, making the right adjustments for lighting, locations, camera techniques, time of day, and weather conditions will be a part of the presentation.  How to change perspective, exposure, focal length and more will make your iconic image become spectacular, be it a flower, animal, or landscape.

Wayne’s Bio:

Wayne, an ecologist-naturalist, educator, and nature photographer by professional education and passion, integrates all areas and is a well-respected professional nature photographer. His photographic expertise was honed while working for a D.C. area commercial photography firm, the US Navy Photographic Center, involvement in numerous professional seminars and workshops and working in Yellowstone NP and others for many years.  He is a member of NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association), FCC, VPS & NVPS (VP & P). He is cochair for the student competition with Mid-Atlantic Photo Visions.

Wayne has taught photography classes for over 20 years, led workshops and seminars, delivered numerous photography programs in the DC area, Southern Appalachians, and internationally in the UK and Australia. His images have appeared in local, national, international magazines, on calendars, postcards, exhibited and sold as fine art prints, and now across the globe in the world of stock photography. Some awards include Nature’s Best (5), NANPA Showcase (4), PSA, Glennie, and many juried exhibits.