Georgina Steytler: “The Art of Using Light Creatively in Bird Photography”
8:00 – 9:30 p.m. (EDT)

Session Description: To be creative is to be different. If you are ready to go beyond the classic bird on a stick photo and take images that will demand attention, then this is for you. I will take you on a journey through the different kinds of light and how you can use it to create unique and beautiful bird images, including key camera settings and techniques.

About Georgina Steytler: Georgina is an Australian nature photographer with a passion for birds, ethics and conservation.

Her interest in photography became a passion over ten years ago when she began volunteer work with BirdLife Western Australia. Since then, she has been working to produce images for use by conservation organisations across Australia (for free), as well as teaching the art and ethics of bird photography through workshops, talks and articles.

She has won numerous awards, including winning the Invertebrates: Behaviour category in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018, Bird Photographer of the Year 2020 (Portfolio Prize) and the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year 2016 (Portfolio Prize), among others. In November 2021 Georgina’s first book, For the Love of Birds, was published by Australian Geographic, selling out within 3 months. 

She is currently a judge of several nature photography competitions, including WildArt Photographer of the Year, BirdLife Australia Photography Awards and Crikey! Magazine Photography Competition (Australian Zoo). 

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