The Magic of Night Photography — Marie Joabar

There’s something magical about photographing at night, whether we’re shooting colorful cityscapes or quiet scenes outside of town, shooting at night offers exciting and unique ways to tell our stories. Marie explains ‘need to know’ tips such as; best times to shoot, exposure settings, the effects of long exposures, how to capture trailing car lights, framing silhouettes, and many other tips for creating dynamic night shots.

Marie’s Bio: 

Marie began her journey into photography while traveling out west after college. With a simple point-and-shoot camera, she fell in love with capturing all the beauty before her. Somewhere in the middle of Colorado, Marie purchased her first SLR film camera and from that point on, she continued learning and growing her photography and her vision.

Fast forward to today and she still loves traveling the country in search of amazing places to photograph. Locally, she enjoys photographing sights that we see every day and tries to capture them in unusual light or with unique framing.

When she’s not photographing for herself, you’ll find her hard at work teaching others photography and running her business, Capital Photography Center (founded in 2012).