5 Tips for Photographing the Beauty of April

As spring kicks into full gear in April, nature comes alive with colorful blooms and lush greens after the drab winter months. It’s a fantastic time for photographers to get out and capture the vibrant renewal of the natural world.

Here are 5 tips for making the most of your photography outings in April.

Shoot Spring Flower Blossoms

April is prime time for spring flower blossoms in many regions. Seek out botanical gardens, parks, gardens, and even neighborhoods with trees and shrubs coming into bloom. Use a small aperture like f/16 or f/22 to maximize depth of field and keep the entire flower in focus. Try getting down low for more unique perspectives of the blooms. Use a longer lens like an 80-200mm zoom to blur out distracting backgrounds.

Capture Greening Landscapes

The trees and grass really start greening up in April after their winter dormancy. Head out to forests, fields, parks, and other green spaces for classic verdant landscapes. Use a polarizing filter to cut through haze and give extra punch and saturation to those Spring greens. Shoot on cloudy days or during the golden hours around sunrise and sunset for softer, more diffuse light.

Look for Rain Showers

April showers are common in many areas, making for dramatic complementary elements to incorporate into scenes. Set up in spots with good foreground interest and watch for rainbows after showers let up. Or look for the abstract patterns and textures created by rain on different surfaces.

Don’t Forget the Critters

Warmer April temperatures bring out all sorts of newborn animals and other wildlife emerging after a long winter’s sleep. Visit zoos, parks, or just areas near open spaces to find opportunities to photograph birds, squirrels, rabbit kits, fawns, and more. Use a long telephoto lens and fast shutter speeds to freeze any action.

Get Started on Spring Sports Photography

Many outdoor sports kick off their seasons in April, from baseball and soccer to hiking, cycling, and more. Prep your camera with the right settings and start practicing your panning, action-freezing, and continuous autofocus skills.

So grab your camera and make the most of the fresh, vibrant scenes that April has to offer for some colorful springtime portfolio additions!

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