Alister Benn

Scottish born Alister Benn is an award winning Landscape Photographer and founder of Expressive Photography Limited. His passion for individual creativity and expression make him an enthusiastic instructor and someone who wants everyone to have the confidence to express their own unique voice.

β€œIt is unfortunate that in these days of popularity and social media, that many of us have lost the pure basic reason why we started making landscape photographs in the first place – to be outside, engaging with nature.”

Alister is a strong advocate of engaging with the landscape in an organic way, unrestrained by conventions, rules or the pressure of external validation.


Guy Tai explains (to Alister Benn) what it is about being in the landscape and that triggers his creativity and how that feels to him in the field.

How to get more from your landscape photography.

From grumpy photographer to happy photographer in five minutes.

To be creative, we need PASSION.

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