This is District Photo's virtual booth for BLACKRAPID

Founded in 2008 by Seattle photographer Ron Henry, BLACKRAPID was established from a revolutionary idea. Ron saw a need for an ergonomic solution for all day shoots and so the original camera sling™ was born.

Our patented ConnectR and FastenR system allows your camera to quickly glide up the strap and into shooting position, improving the speed, comfort and efficiency when it matters most – never miss a shot.

Trusted by photographers worldwide, we create our products with high quality materials and innovative designs. We know you’ll feel the BLACKRAPID difference from the moment you first put on one of our straps.

Mission Statement

We invite everyone to “live the moment” with us as we make life exciting this day forward.
We believe in being honest and real. Keeping life simple. Taking chances to go where you have always dreamed.
Freedom to live without boundaries and dream of a place you have always wanted to go.
As a company we live without competition, surrounded by innovators who strive to create a life that makes a difference for themselves and for the world.
Live the life you love.
–Ron Henry, Founder