Big Nature Visions News: New Name, Expanded Photo Art Competition, More Activities, New Space

The Nature Visions Board of Directors and Club Representatives has spent time working on how to improve Nature Visions and position Nature Visions for the future.

First, Nature Visions is being renamed to Mid-Atlantic Photo Visions. The name change reflects a move to include photography genres beyond nature photography, such as portraiture, street, architecture, still life, etc.  This should attract more photographers to the November expo.

Second, the Photo Art competition is being split into six subcategories:

  • Architecture
  • Abstract
  • Documentary & Street
  • Still Life
  • Sports & Action
  • Other

This should permit more submissions to be made by photographers in our member clubs and increase attendance. The size of photography exhibit will remain the same.

The competition committee is working on rules and definitions for the new categories.

Third, More Activities – speakers, workshops and photo shoots – are being planned. Again, this is in line with expanding to include more types of photography.

Fourth, the Hylton Performing Arts Center in Manassas, Virginia has completed its long-awaited expansion. This will permit all activities to be hosted within the Hylton Center building. The new space will also permit all vendors to be located on the main floor.

Mid-Atlantic Photo Visions will be bigger and better than Nature Visions and it will be under one roof. We look forward to seeing you there on November 6-8, 2020.

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