2021 Lineup Announcement

2021 Lineup Announcement

We have 7 fantastic photographers, including Guy Tal, Alister Benn and Angie McMonigal, who will present this November. Our free virtual sessions will be on Friday, Saturday and Sunday November 5-7.  Registration opens August 1, 2021.

Guy Tal’s presentation at MAPV is “Visual Language”.  Guy photographs primarily in the Colorado Plateau — a unique high desert region located in the American Southwest.  Guy strives to create images that speak to wildness – the quality of being attuned to, and inspired by, the wild.  “Rather than glimpses of the superficial beauty of the land, I wish instead for my work to speak to a deep familiarity with my subjects, revealing something of my reverence for them and the roles they play in my life.”  Guy is the author of several books, a regular contributor to several publications such as LensWork and On Landscape, a blogger, and an educator.

Alistair Benn’s presentation is “The Secret to Life: The Real Power of Photography.”    Alister is an award winning Scottish landscape photographer, author, educator, and guide.  “Photography for me is so much more than an end product, and I believe the more we are focussed on that, the more elusive it will become. Creativity is hard to pin down, it refuses to be placed under the microscope, and observing it changes it….Our creativity is in there, desperate to get out, and who does the best job of stopping it? Yes, you guessed it, us!”

Angie McMonigal’s presentation is “Abstract Architecture Photography:  Creativity In Composition.”  Angie will share how to uncover creative viewpoints and how to use compositional tools to create more compelling images, with emphasis on architectural details and abstracts of the built environment.  Angie’s photographs celebrate those unexpectedly iconic elements hiding in plain sight.  Her photos have been showcased by galleries in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Barcelona and other destinations. Angie is based in Chicago.

The lineup includes 4 more great presentations:

  • John Barclay – Portraits and Action Photography at the Hideout Ranch
  • Kristi Odom – Creative Time-Lapse Photography
  • Sarah Marino – Beyond the Grand Landscape:  Expanding Your Vision to Include Nature’s Smaller Scenes.

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