Thanks for your interest in this year’s event! We hope to be back in person with you all next year.

This year’s sessions are free and wouldn’t be possible without the support of our sponsors and volunteers. Please visit the sponsor pages and look for specials as we get closer to our big weekend, November 5-7, 2021.

We also have three local non-profits hand-picked by our volunteers that we ask you consider making a contribution to in lieu of having to pay for the excellent photography education you’ll receive from our speakers.


Q: Will the sessions be recorded?

A: Yes, all who register will be sent a link that will be valid for 6 months from the date of the event. So, even if you cannot make it at the exact day and time that we are scheduled, you can watch a recording of the event when the time is right for you.

Q: Do I have to register for each event individually?

A: No, you only need to register one time. Your one registration will allow you to attend any / all sessions you choose.

Q: When I receive the link to the sessions.

A: You will receive an email from us close to the event date.

Q: Is there more than one link that will be sent to me?

A: No, you will receive one email (close to the event date) that has the login information for all sessions.

Q: Do I have to choose which session I want to attend?

A: No, just register once and you can attend any event. You can decide which you will attend now or later.