Competition Judges

2021 Judges

Our judges for November 2021 will be:


Nature Categories:

Aaron Baggenstos

Aaron Baggenstos is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning professional wildlife photographer with a passion for capturing images of nature and the natural world. He feels it is a real privilege to share memories through photo adventures while promoting positive and respectful connections with nature.

Passionate about conservation on the ground while fighting the right battles to help preserve and sustain our wild places, Aaron’s work spans the globe. He has supported countless conservation efforts contributing to help protect, preserve, and conserve biodiversity and habitats worldwide. His portfolio of photo tours includes Ultimate Alaska, Yellowstone in Winter, Kenya, Botswana, Wildlife of Madagascar, Costa Rica, the Galapagos, Tigers of India, Svalbard, and Pumas of Patagonia.

In a project designed to capture his learnings and field experience, Aaron recently launched a landmark series of instructional videos called “the ultimate wildlife photography course” designed to help aspiring photographers of all levels elevate their own photography portfolio to the next level. In this comprehensive video series Aaron masterfully illustrates his top photographic strategies and post-processing techniques in 8 categories. Notable topics include methods you can use to capture magical light, critical elements for wildlife photography composition, innovative techniques for capturing birds in flight, resources for understanding wildlife behavior, how to create award-winning portraits, and 9 instructional videos on post processing for distinctive images using Adobe Lightroom.

Aaron’s Ultimate Wildlife Photography Course:


Colleen Miniuk

Joe Rossbach


Photo Art and Student Categories:

Molie Isaacs

Mollie Isaacs is a professional photographer who specializes in Nature, Wildlife, Flowers, and Abstracts. She is passionate about photography, and loves nothing more than to share that passion by teaching others. Early in her career she studied with Ansel Adams and Joyce Tenneson. She has won the Kodak Gallery Award 14 times, considered by some to be the “Oscar” of photography. Her work is in the Permanent Collection of the International Photography Hall of Fame, and has been exhibited at Epcot Center in Disney World, and Grand Central Terminal in NYC. She runs Awake The Light Photo Workshops & Tours, offers online Webinars, and personally leads photo workshops around the country and beyond. Read more about her and see her work on

Jennifer King

John Barclay